We take these times, and We Run

All of these tears
Indicative of my fears
Pain, Sadness, Anxiety
I’ve experienced it all in my twenty-one years

Times have passed
There are memories
Some joyous
Some melancholy
I’ve been through the gambit
I’m sorry to have dragged you through the shit
I thought it’d end

I thought better times would come
They have
They’ve come, and they’ve gone.

I’ll be leaving here
Not too soon before long
I’ll move on
And you’ll be left wondering where you went wrong
Fear not. For fear,
You see, it is not meant for you or I, my dear.
We take these times
And we run
We know that it’s only a passing moment

There will be a new day
There will be a new sun

The moon has risen
My time is now
I’m going to walk out the door

There’s nothing you can do
Light a cigarette
Take a drag
I’ll be watching you
Watching you in that rearview

The road ahead is long and I’m sure there will be obstacles along the way
But I’m ready for the changes

Where I’ll end up,
I’m not at all certain, but
There will be a window
It’ll overlook the sea
I’ll pull back the curtain, and the breeze will overwhelm me.

Meant to be
Meant to last
Meant to run
Meant for times that have not yet passed

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